About Us

Cistron Systems represents various multinational and Indian companies to promote and sell their medical equipments. We also take care of installations, training and after sales service. Our service team also provides preventive maintenance and comprehensive service to ensure smooth functioning of the equipments.

Core Team

PresidentMr. Naresh Rajan+91 - 98490 20471naresh@cistronsystems.com
Vice PresidentMr. A Renganathan+91 - 98490 27466ar@cistronsystems.com
MarketingMr. Suresh Rajan+91 - 98490 27508rajan_suresh@cistronsystems.com
SalesMr. R Srinivasan+91 - 98491 00672rsrinivasan@cistronsystems.com
SalesMr. V P Ravichandran+91 - 99949 09026vpr@cistronsystems.com
SalesMr. Anand Kamath+91 - 91778 95895ank@cistronsystems.com
Manufacturing - Supply Chain Management - ServiceMr. B N Sathish Kumar+91 - 97900 09671bns@cistronsystems.com
Senior Manager - Innovation & Product DevelopmentMr. D Murali+91 - 99408 54786murali@cistronsystems.com
ServiceMr. B Narender Reddy+91 - 98490 43953narender@cistronsystems.com

Organization Chart

Our Group Company

Cistron Technologies Inc.,

Cistron Technologies offers structural steel detailing services for the North American construction industry. Since inception in 2001, Cistron has successfully executed over 300 steel detailing projects for the commercial and industrial sectors. These projects typically include Schools, Churches, Warehouses, Retail centres, Hospitals, Office Buildings, Power Plants Structures etc. Some of these are very complex, prestigious, fast track and landmark projects. To Cistron, Quality comes prior to profits. With a total work force of over 200 well trained Managers, Engineers, Checkers and Modelers from reputed engineering institutions and with 58 Tekla Structures licenses, Cistron can offer fast turnarounds to meet tight schedules. Cistron’s core strength is its ability to collaborate very closely with customers and its highly dedicated and motivated employees. Cistron offers intensive training and fast track career growth with a conducive environment that ensures enriching experience for its employees.



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